The below response is from Praetorian.

 “This was an accounting error in the payroll system that has been resolved.

 Here’s how we’re going to move forward:

 Instead of requiring the officers to pay back the funds, we are going to honor the leave paid in advance on the books, per the usual approval process and the officers can take the money that they have been paid and use it to cover their future personal and sick time until 1/1/2020. Any sick and personal leave utilized will still need to be booked in Valiant under Sick and Personal in the non-productive schedule for tracking purposes.

We will set up the Valiant Sick and Personal post rate to reflect zero for this time period while the officers utilize this advanced payment.”


 Steve Roberts

Program Manager

Paragon Systems, Inc.

Unfortunately government shutdowns are not included in the collective bargaining agreement therefore you will not recieve pay for it when your not working . You can file for unemployment benefits if your not working because of government shutdown or use sick,personal and vacation time for loss hours.

If you have a facebook page add cfer cfer as a facebook friend so you can get instant information from CFER Union.