​​​As you all may know we had a meeting today 10/10/18 with Paragon. This meeting was the yearly wage opener.

Cfer: Asked for a 3.5% wage increase.

Les Kaciban: Wanted to take away 5 minutes from the breaks leaving the PSO's with only (2) 10 minutes breaks.

Cfer: We came here to discuss wages, not taking away break time from the members. No deal because the officers are already not getting breaks.

Les Kaciban: We're done! And we counter offer a $0.05 raise on the wages.

The meeting lasted 5 minutes.

CFER Union will be holding semi-annual meetings to discuss the upcoming Wage opener. We would like everyone to attend this meeting and participate.

October 13 please meet us at Chatham Area Public

Library 600 E Spruce st. Chatham, IL. 62629 at

11:00 am

October 20 Please meet us at the office located at:
16268 Prince Dr. South Holland, IL. 60473 at

10:00 am  

Paragon is subcontracting the post listed below to a company called Praetorian Shield

The Praetorian Post are as listed Below

IL0214   63A        
IL2473   37A         
IL2386   10A        
IL1914   32A        
IL2401   9A           
IL2209   30A       
IL2332   12A        
IL2383   6A           
IL2448   67A       
IL2448   67B         
IL2454   38A        
IL2533   3A          
IL2378 21A          

Primerica is offering a Free Education Seminar for members on Term Life insurance, Debt Solutions, Long Term Care Insurance, Health Insurance, Pre-Paid legal Services, Auto and Homeowners insurance referral program, Mutual Fund Investments, Individual 401k programs, IRA's, Annuities, Managed investments and  457 &403 (b)  programs. This is a service offered by Primerica and have no affiliation with CFER. Please let us know if your interested in attending this free seminar by emailing us at cferunion@gmail.com. 

If you have a facebook page add cfer cfer as a facebook friend so you can get instant information from CFER Union.