CFER Union would like to thank Stephen Sattler, Willie Matthews, John Brillman, Gustavo Villafana and Bryan Davis for attending CFER Union class with Comissisioner Emil Totonchi from Federal Mediation and Conciliation Services on 4/21/2018. We take pride in not only including our members but also educating our members. 

If you have worked on railroad contract we don't represent railroad contract so the railroad hours don't count for benefits in our CBA.

Primerica is offering a Free Education Seminar for members on Term Life insurance, Debt Solutions, Long Term Care Insurance, Health Insurance, Pre-Paid legal Services, Auto and Homeowners insurance referral program, Mutual Fund Investments, Individual 401k programs, IRA's, Annuities, Managed investments and  457 &403 (b)  programs. This is a service offered by Primerica and have no affiliation with CFER. Please let us know if your interested in attending this free seminar by emailing us at 

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